Why Eat Grass-fed Beef?

Best for Our Cows

Grass-fed beef means that the animals are raised on grass throughout their entire lives.  These animals are allowed to forage on pasture, their native diet, and are not treated with hormones or growth-promoting additives.  Most beef and other animal products at the supermarket are raised in confinement, which is often related to high rates of animal stress, pollution, and the unnecessary use of hormones.  At Willow Run Farm, our goal is to raise healthy grass-fed cattle using humane practices and limiting animal stress in anyway we can.

  • A cow’s digestive tract is designed to eat grass.  Most cows who are not grass fed are fattened on a corn/grain diet that makes them prone to illness and bloat.
  • Our animals are out on pasture most of the year and have the ability to run and play as well as interact with the other cattle in our herd.

Best for Us

At Willow Run Farm, we believe in eating and producing quality food with high nutritional content.  By feeding our cattle on a grass only diet, we are able to sell meat that is rich in health benefits and has a delicious flavor.

  • Lower in fat and calories
  • Higher levels of Omega 3s

For more information on the health benefits of grass fed beef, check out the following link: http://www.eatwild.com/healthbenefits.htm.

Best for the Environment

On the farm, we practice a sustainable farming method called grass farming.  Grass farming is more than feeding your cattle only grass.  It involves cultivating and enriching the soil to create a strong integrated system that generates nutrient rich grasses which feed the cows who fertilize the soil.  This practice also works to sequester carbon from the air back into the soil, which can help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Grass farming also prevents soil erosion and fosters an environment where bees, butterflies, and birds can flourish.  At Willow Run Farm, we understand the importance of land stewardship and work to manage our land in a way that is beneficial to our local community and the world by fostering land health and regeneration on our 75 acres.
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