Meeting our Neighbors: The best part of our farm store

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I love our little farm store each Saturday morning.

It was a labor of love to set it up in January and February.  We built the walls, insulated it, discovered perfect furniture to re-purpose for counter tops and shelving, rearranged and arranged and arranged the freezers, and ransacked dark closets to find the perfect old license plates, toys, and wreaths to hang on the walls.  Each part of the store was a deliberate decision.  And now it feels just right…

One of my favorite parts of the store is how I have gotten to meet so many people who have been following us for quite some time.  Neighbors who greeted us with enthusiasm when the fences went up, who have been enjoying the journey as our cattle grow, and who patiently waited for us to be ready to sell our beef in smaller portions than freezer-filling size.  It is so rewarding to hear customers who live a mile or two from our farm describe their dinners in detail, praising our beef, and looking for more cuts to try.  I am so glad we can do this.  Meet our neighbors, build community, and provide delicious, nutritious food to our local neighborhood.


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