Holiday Brisket: Maple Pineapple Brisket

Each year my husband and I throw a Thanksmas gathering for all of our friends as a way to share the holidays together.  This year I decided to include one of our briskets on the menu with a holiday flavored theme.  I found this super simple recipe at and you can find the full recipe there.

For our brisket, I took the spice rub (nutmeg, cinnamon, lemon flakes, pepper and thyme) and rubbed all sides of the meat.  Since our brisket was pretty sizable, I decided to roll it and tie it with some butcher’s string, so that it would actually fit into my crockpot with the added bonus that it looks prettier that way.  I drizzled maple syrup over the top, added some crushed pineapple for it to cook in and cut fresh pineapple slices to lay on top.  The easiest thing about the recipe was slow cooking it for 8 hours and bam! it was perfectly done with a slightly sweet exterior flavoring.  Delicious!  So delicious, that I don’t have a final picture of it finished…but I’ll just leave that up to your imagination.


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