Curiosity of a Cat or a Cow?: A short cat story

DSC01296Most people wouldn’t describe cattle as curious, but I know for a fact that our cattle are some of the nosiest creatures on our farm.  As I was watering our trees the other day, I watched as one of our neighbor’s farm cats came wandering across our farm.  It was obviously on a mission to get somewhere and as I watched, it nonchalantly crossed our fields and entered our fenced pasture where the cattle were penned. As it walked across their enclosure, first one, then two, then three of our heifers noticed it (head up, ears alert, active stance) and started slowly following it across the field.  The cat didn’t notice it had collected an entourage until about halfway across when it happened to glance behind it, jumped straight into the air about 2 feet and went flying towards the fence out of the pasture.  It screeched to a halt about 30 feet outside of the fence and took a quick glance back before scurrying off in the direction of the next farm over.  The cattle were nonplussed, but seemed to shrug and return to grazing.

I have watched our cattle chase birds, chickens, and now cats.  They would chase my dog if they ever had the chance.


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