A “Normal” Day in Farming

I get the question, “So what does your normal day look like?” a lot.  It takes me a minute to answer because “normal” really varies on the farm.  A day in June is very different from a day in January and the work we consistently do everyday is only a fraction of what we do in a day.  We are always working on something different.

Everyday we…

  • Gather the eggs and check to make sure the chickens have food and water.
  • Move the Cattle to a new area of grass and make sure they have hay and water.
  • We watch our animals and note if any of them seem to not be feeling well or seem to be needing some additional love.

Often we…

  • Fix gates, fences, equipment, waterers,  hydrants etc. around the farm and do regular maintenance.
  • We use our tractors to plant new pasture, mow, ted, rake, and bale hay.
  • We look at our grass and decide where to put the herd next to optimize our grass growth or decide if it needs to be cut ahead to keep it growing and healthy.
  • We think of new ways to market our beef to customers and talk with customers about our delicious eggs and meat.

Sometimes we…

  • Do large renovations projects around the farm like build sheds, set up permanent fence, take down trees or plant trees. A lot of this summer has been working on large projects that are completed.  So now we can dream of our next big projects.

As farmers, we wear so many different hats; rancher, marketer, engineer, mechanic, veterinarian, scientist.  I dabble in a little of this and a little of that, always learning the best way to fix, build, plant, grow, nourish and care for everything that goes into running a farm.  So, what do we do on a “normal” day? What needs to be done at the time.


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