Water, Water Nowhere

Water doesn’t seem so excessively important until you don’t have a drink and you are thirsty, right?  That’s how not having a water line out to the far reaches of our pasture has felt in the past few weeks as we graze farther out into our new pasture.  Hoses are scarce around the farm as they lay in line after line after line of hose to reach our cattle.  My dad and I have had to come up with some creative solutions to the scarcity of hose, but a lot of work has gone into moving hose from point A to point B.

So you can imagine our excitement when our excavators showed up last week to put in our water line.  Once again the farm roared to the sound of machinery as we watched their powerful equipment eat chunks out of our dirt and dig a trench through our pasture to lay the line.  It always amazes me how quickly these jobs can get done.  Within a few days, we were awed by the ability to hook up our waterers to hydrants and water connectors only a few feet away in the middle of the pasture.

They also worked on digging our crossing across the creek that runs through the middle of our farm and laying concrete pads for the freeze free water areas in our wintering areas.  Now the fence guys just need to come back to fence off the cattle crossing and put in our winter area.  It feels good to have these major projects finishing up and being able to think about catching up with the smaller stuff around the farm.


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