Quarters and Halves Available: November

13924903_315602785453823_2123966346227574432_nOver the past few weeks, we have been receiving a lot of interest in our grass fed beef.  For those of you who are ready for a half or quarter, we will have another round ready in November for purchase.  If you are interested, let us know now!  The beef is first come first serve, so whoever gets their deposits in to us first gets the beef.  Right now, I’m thinking about reserving some beef for myself because I’m watching our quarter disappear and can’t imagine not having our own beef around to eat.

Yesterday, my parents, husband, and I blanched and froze 200 corn cobs.  When we freeze corn, we always eat a few cobs throughout the work, but this year I suggested grilling up some of our steaks as a reward after all our work.  What a meal!  It was so rewarding looking at our spread of food and seeing golden sweet corn and juicy red tomatoes that were from our garden, a tantalizing steak (which is making my mouth water now just thinking about it), and cantaloupe from our next door neighbors’ garden.  Talk about a local meal!

Email me at willowrunfarm@gmail.com or fill out the form on our Farm Store page to get more info on reserving your quarter or half of beef.


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