Enter the Egg Mobile

Last night we put the Egg Mobile or (as I call it) the Chicken Aviary, out on our large pasture with the cattle for the first time.  The chickens took their time finding their food, locating the laying boxes and figuring out how the roosts work.  Today, we’ll let them out of the pen for the first time and hopefully train them to think of this little wagon as their home.  It just might take some time.

So, why did we build this movable hen house instead of keeping them inside a building with access to pasture?  Our chicken eggs are so delicious and vibrant yellow because of our chickens’ diet of grass, fresh bugs, and feed.  Out on pasture, the chickens have access to a larger area of pasture, more bugs, and flies.  With any herd of cattle, flies can be a problem, so we are hoping to use our chickens like herds of buffalo use birds, to keep the pests that bug them away.  It is a win-win for the chickens, the cattle and us.  We just have to figure out how it works!

If you buy eggs from us, this is where your eggs come from.  Isn’t that cool?


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