Hay Season: When Farmers Wish For No Rain

Hay season is upon us.  This is how it works:

  1. You wait patiently for a stretch of days with absolutely no rain.  No thunder showers.  Nada.  And you hope for a light dew…
  2. You first mow the hay.
  3. Then you use a tedder.  The tedder basically takes the hay and spreads it around so it dries easier.
  4. You scour the weather for any changes and hope for not a drop of rain.
  5. You feel the hay, trying to see if there is much moisture left in it after letting it dry in the sun.
  6. Then you use a rake to form nice mounds of hay across the field in a strip that will be easily picked up by the baler.
  7. Optional Step:  The hay still isn’t dry!  Flip it over with a rake again.
  8. It’s dry OR the rain is coming!  You bale it into big round beautiful bales that will feed a herd of cattle for a couple of days or you bale it into little bales that you can easily toss into a feed wagon.  We did both.

As you can imagine, hay making in PA can be a crazy business with the level of rain and moisture we have here, but it is still a ton of fun.  The fresh cut and baled hay smells fantastic and fresh, convincing even me, a human, that it must taste good.  We fed a couple fresh bales to our soon-to-be mamas and they gobbled it down like candy.

First cutting done…now we wait for it to grow and go at it again!

**And as this is happening, I impatiently check the cow mamas’ pasture each morning to see if any calves have arrived.  None yet, but they sure must be coming soon!  Pictures will appear immediately.**


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