The Egg Store is Open

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As of yesterday morning, our self-service egg store is officially open for business.  We are selling pastured chicken eggs at $4.00 a dozen.  Stop by and chat with us!

Have you ever broken open a farm fresh chicken egg and admired the beautiful vibrant orange of the yolk?  Grocery store eggs just can’t compare with their pale yellow yolks and lack of flavor.  Why are our eggs so much brighter in color?  This is because our chickens are out in the pasture eating bugs compared to the corn fed diet of the chickens who lay store bought eggs.  Our hens do get corn (GMO free, antibiotic free), but it is only a part of their diet.

So, other than the color, why eat our eggs?  Eggs from pastured hens (hens whose diet consists of their natural preferred foods: plants and insects, in addition to grains) have 3 times as much Omega-3 fatty acids, twice as much Vitamin E, and 40% more Vitamin A than eggs from birds fed a typical chicken farm diet, according to Penn State University research.

Read more about pastured eggs:


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