The Cow Doctor Is In


Vets are courageous people. Today, I watched our new vet check 11 of our heifers to see if they are pregnant. Granted, our cattle are pretty well behaved (my “unbiased” opinion), but it still takes some confidence to step up behind a cow in a head gate to slip your hand in messy places. Kudos. For being my first time running our cattle through a head gate, we only had a few hiccups (i.e. heifers stubbornly refusing to get moving, 1 escaping through the head gate and having to run her through again). Dad and I had rigged up a couple gates last week, so that we could calmly catch one heifer and gently guide her through. The entire process took a balance between speed and cattle management.

So, what were the results?

We are going to have 8 bouncing baby calves between the end of May and beginning of July. Whoohoo! Let the calving begin!

Also, I learned something new about cattle genetics.  When a heifer has twin calves, a boy and girl, the female calf is called a freemartin.  This is because the female calf is infertile.  Apparently, one of our heifers must have been a twin because she is a free martin! The more you know…


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