Breadhefers: A Comical Farm Tail

Next week we have a vet visit.  Not because anything is wrong, but as a way to connect to a vet in the area who can help us keep our cattle healthy in the future.  But calling the vet proved unexpectedly amusing…

When we called our vet of choice, a gentleman at an answering service responded informing my dad that he would send his information along to the vet.  With efficiency, he requested name, number, and reason for the call.

“We have a herd of bred heifers we would like checked.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but what exactly is a breadhefer?”

I couldn’t help laughing as my dad explained to the gentleman what a bred heifer was.  Not exactly reassuring when we are calling a vet, but luckily she proved a lot more knowledgable.


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