Playing with Tractors: Seeding New Pasture


Sometimes as a farmer, the weather lines up just right for a project and sometimes it doesn’t.  And as a farmer, sometimes you listen to the weather and sometimes you plug right on through it.  Fortunately, this weekend’s weather lined up beautifully for planting 6.6 acres of brand spankin’ new permanent pasture.  So on Friday, Dad and I got the seed, borrowed a no till drill from our neighbor, and calibrated the drill for seeding the correct amount of seed per acre.  And away we went!  Can’t wait to start seeing the salad bar green peek up over this new pasture.  Our cattle like a nice variety of greens and grasses, so we planted seed that gives them a nice variety of choice.

What’s a no till drill and why do we use it?  Watch the video below.

Are you a big fan of farm equipment/want to see how the no till drill works up close and personal?  This video is for you.


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