Clyde: Adding a boy to the mix

Our little herd of heifers has grown once again, but oh my…what’s this?  It’s a boy!  Enter Clyde, a beautiful one-year-old red angus bull that has my three little heifers all in a tizzy.  They adore Clyde and he takes their attention as his due.  Clyde is our first boy to be added to our little herd.  He comes from a family of good sires and we’re hoping to add some of his lovely red angus qualities to our herd.  Why did we choose red angus instead of black?  Well, first of all, red angus mamas are known to have good mothering skills, which is something we are looking for as we have more calves on the farm.  They also are known for having a gentle and docile temperament, which makes them easier to handle and a lot more fun to work with.  I love interacting with our little herd, stroking noses and rubbing sides and making sure everyone looks good and feels good, so red angus seemed like a good choice.  Isn’t he a handsome fella?


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