Why John Deere Should Hire a Librarian

So, I’ll readily admit that I am an amateur when it comes to farming. I have a lot of head knowledge, but sometimes when it comes down to practical application, it can sometimes be a miss. Fortunately, I know that everyone was a rookie once and move on with a bit more experience under my belt.

One thing that has been driving me nuts is the model numbers of John Deere tractors. This one will be a 2750, that one will be a 2040, this one will be a 8260. With this type of thing, my librarian brain kicks into gear.

“So the 2030 has a bigger engine than the 2010 because the second number is bigger than the smaller number?”

“Not necessarily,” my dad says.

“So the 20 represents the year it was manufactured, so all the 20s are made in the same year, right?”

“Nope,” my dad says.

So, I learn that John Deere has no method to their madness of classifying their tractors by model number. There is no secret code, no communication scheme that I am missing. They type up a number and stand back saying, “Yup, that looks good.”

As one online forum quaintly put it, “What I’m trying to get at is the model number on a tractor can mean damn near anything! “

My response: Hire some librarians, John Deere.

*Addendum: I did learn that they are better than they used to be. The new John Deere tractors are categorized by size. A 8260 is a 8000 series frame size with 260 HP. Thank God for small blessings.


2 thoughts on “Why John Deere Should Hire a Librarian

    1. I know! I always try to categorize the different numbers in some way, which obviously doesn’t work. Luckily there is a nifty difty website that gives all the specs on the models otherwise I would be lost!


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