The Story of a Farm

Taken in 1980.

Our farm has lived many lives.  I am always reminded of this when I remember that historically it was built before the Civil War.  I love to think about all the stories that my house could tell: the stories before and after my family purchased it.

Stealing fresh strawberries from my grandpa’s plate.

My grandfather purchased the farm back in 1951 and moved his family to Berks County, PA because the land was cheaper here than in the surrounding area.  He was the one who gave it the name of Willow Run Farm because of the Willow Creek tributary bordered by willows that runs through our backyard.  My grandparents raised 8 children here and worked hard to earn their livelihood from the land.  The farm saw seasons of crop farming, raising cattle, hogs, and selling eggs and my grandfather loved it.


My older sister, Erica, plays work inspector as my dad fixes farm equipment.

My dad farmed with my grandfather for a number of years, but also started a woodworking business on the farm and now has his counseling office featuring walk therapy on our 75 acres.  For a number of years, he rented our land to neighboring farmers to raise crops, but in recent years my dad began grazing cattle on 15 acres of land.


My sister and me with our calf, Starbright.

I grew up on the farm, running around with perpetually dirty bare feet and learning to help out in any way I could.  I share the love for earth, for animals, and for working with my hands that my family has passed down to me.  In the next year, Willow Run Farm will begin yet another story, as a farm focused on raising quality grass-fed, pasture raised animals in a humane and healthy environment.  This blog will chronicle our story, the challenges and successes to come, as well as serve as a communication tool for our customers.  We hope to share our journey with you, so that we can be your local, family farm in Fleetwood, PA. We want to know our customers and for our customers to know us.  So stay posted!



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